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Welcome to Big Adventures, Little Car

Hey y’all. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m using this space to tell stories. Some may be true and some may be, well, … creative.

A little bit about myself:

I am afab, 50+. I was born in the United States, at the dawn of what is now known as Gen X. Watergate interrupted my favorite black and white TV shows. I believed there would always be a war. (I was unfortunately correct in this.) I remember getting up early one morning and watching the moon landing at my neighbor’s house. (It was real so shut up.) My parents and the media taught me to be afraid of hippies. (They failed)

If I were on a certain three hour tour I would be hard pressed to choose between Ginger and the Professor. I also had a crush on the Captain in the Ghost and Mrs. Muir. I wanted to be Colonel Hogan or date him (from Hogan’s heroes.) And of course Elvis. I LOVED Elvis.

I am a writer by art, and by profession I work in food and beverage. At over one half century of age, I have capital O Opinions and capital F Feelings all based on capital E Experience. All three of these things will no doubt make themselves known if I continue to post and you continue to visit.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Cheery bye!

*Update! I am now working at a dream job where I get to use my language talents. I’m still working at the Cafe (more on the Cafe later)one day a week. My day job however is as a bilingual Retail IT tech support analyst. I will no doubt have oodles to write about my nascent career in the future!

**Further Update! I’ve now taken the grand leap of faith and quit the cafe. I very much love everyone there and continue to miss them thoroughly!